About Me

Hi! I’m Rachel. I’m 25 and just finding my way in this world, but I love to share my stories and thoughts in hopes of inspiring those around me.

I’m a Crossfit junkie (and instructor), travel-obsessed, wine-loving, clean-eating, self-proclaimed free spirit. Wanderlust has gotten the best of me and I try to save (mostly) all my money in hopes of being able to see all (or most) of the world by the end of my days.

I have high hopes of breaking the mold of what life is “supposed” to be like and I want others to forget about what’s expected of them, and rather spend their days doing whatever it is they dream of.

I’m driven by Monday mornings, meal prep, coffee, podcasts, and hustle. I believe there is no replacement for real, 100%, hard work and effort, and if we put that mindset into our lives, day in and day out, amazing results will follow.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say and stick around!