The Holidays & Developing a Healthy Relationship With Food

First and foremost– HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Today is one of the best days of the year (in my opinion). You get to see your family, old friends that are back in the area, drink some wine, eat some good food, and have a few days off of work. With that being said, this is the time when people tend to lose their shit a little bit… I’m talking health/eating wise. This is the day when all your eating habits go to shit, and slowly go downhill until Christmas time and New Years. Typically most say to themselves “I’ll start a diet once the holidays are over.”

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Newsflash: what if I told you the holidays doesn’t mean you have to throw it all away?!?

If this is hitting home right now while you’re reading this, I’m just gonna break it to you, you don’t have a healthy relationship with food. If you have no self-control, if you starve yourself all day in preps for a holiday meal, if you binge and then immediately after feel guilty… you do not have a healthy relationship with food.

But good news! You can begin to develop a better relationship with food. But you have to start right now… today. And I’m here to tell you how!

Fill up on the good stuff.

Try to make the majority of your plate the stuff you know is good for you (or not totally terrible for you). Today, for example… load up on turkey and veggies and sweet potatoes. I’m not saying don’t go for the other stuff, but try to pick and choose your carbs here. Take a small portion of mashed potatoes or rolls or something like that. Or, if you’re like me, save the majority of the carbs for dessert!! You DO NOT need a serving of every single carb at the table. If you want to have all of it, take a small portion of each one. This is where people usually go overboard.

Practice mindful eating.

S L O W  I T  D O W N !!! Savor the food as you eat it. Don’t eat it just to eat it. Food for today and most holidays are are prepared all day long and they taste damn good, so appreciate it! Don’t rush it and don’t get distracted. We usually overeat when we’re just mindlessly chomping away, not even tasting it or enjoying it. If you grab a slice of pie, really notice how f*cking good it is and how your body feels when you eat it. The more mindful you are, the less likely you are to overeat.

Kickstart your metabolism starting that morning.

If you know you have a big meal coming up– Thanksgiving, Christmas, a New Years Party, a work holiday party… most people have the tendency to starve themselves or eat super light that day in preps for it. Do not do that. It’s the same concept when you hear people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.– eating a good breakfast is better for you than not eating anything at all. The day of, you should eat a good breakfast, and get a good workout in, so your metabolism will be ready for that big meal come nighttime. If you eat multiple meals a day (like me), stay on track for the entire day. Obviously, you will be getting some extra calories in during that last big meal, but think about it… it’s one meal. It won’t kill you, or deter all your progress.

Don’t stress about it!

There’s enough in life to stress about. Don’t add food to the list. If you want some dessert, go for it. If you want some more wine, go for it. I will never be the one to tell you not to. Remember always, food is fuel. We need it. But there’s a different between wanting and needing. And there’s a huge difference between wanting something, letting yourself have some, and going completely overboard. Use your brain and learn how to set boundaries and practice self-control, it will take you a long way in life. Enjoy the food, let go of the guilt, and remember tomorrow is a new day!

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