Monday is not really your problem!

As humans, we live for fresh starts and new beginnings: a new year, a new month, new week. We love things like New Years resolutions and we always plan to “start dieting” at the beginning of the week. (don’t really agree much with this– but that’s more for another time).

So, if Mondays stand for a fresh start, why do so many loathe them? Why are “Sunday scaries” a thing? Sunday is supposed to be a day to relax, unwind, prep mentally and physically for the week ahead. There’s nothing scary about it. What’s scaring you, is your life. There’s something missing from it. You may or may not realize you’re unhappy, and the fact that you’re not doing anything to change it, is quite frankly what’s scary.

It’s funny to me how we spend so much time overthinking, worrying, trying to control things in our lives that we have no control over. Yet, our happiness, we have complete and utter control over, and often we take no responsibility for it.

Quite frankly, it’s not Mondays you hate, it’s your job. It’s not Sunday that’s scaring you, it’s your life.

Yes– I do believe our system in America is broken. We are too career-centered and we let job positions define our entire lives. We are overworked during the week so we spend all week waiting for our “break”,¬† the weekend, and then it always seems to go by too fast. But this is your life. And you only get one. Is this really how you want to live it?

There’s absolutely no reason we should spend 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month, 1920 hours a year, in a job that we hate. Okay, sure, sometimes it’s temporary. You could be sticking it out for a few more months before you move or change jobs, or you have something better in the works. But in no way, shape, or form should this be a permanent cycle for you.

If this is speaking to you– you need to take a step back and think about your life. Who are you? The answer shouldn’t be your job position. Who really are you? Your self and your qualities should shine through your work. Are you building a career for yourself? Or are you just punching the clock?

Everyone has the potential to find something they love, and make a living out of it. Be creative, think out of the box, follow your f*cking dreams. Find what makes you feel so passionate, what makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. Yes, you might have to spend some time with it as your “side hustle”, with your regular gig being the money maker. But over time, it can become your career!

Take me for example. I spent six years getting a four-year degree because I listened to my parents, went back and forth between majors, and transferred schools. From the beginning, I should have gone with my gut rather than worrying about what kind of job would make me the most money.

I wanted to go to school for exercise science… I loved exercising, so why not? (LOL) My parents convinced me otherwise, they said I’d never make any money, so we decided on physical therapy instead. Long story short, I realized I did not want to work with old people (just being honest). I had hit my limit of how much money my parents were going to give me for college, so I transferred home. I ended up transferring again, this time going for my bachelors in Exercise Science. And surprise surprise, I loved it. School was legitimately interesting for me, because it was something I cared about. I knew I had limited options for getting a job, but I didn’t care. I wanted to spend my days doing something I was excited about.

Fast forward to now, I’m working as a server full-time and coaching Crossfit part-time. For life goals, I would love to use both my degree and my CF certifications to open up my own strength and conditioning facility one day.

Waiting tables is obviously not my passion. I don’t hate it, I don’t dread going to work, and the money is awesome and allows me to save for important things (like travels!) and I don’t want to give it up right now. CF is currently my “side hustle”– what I really look forward to every day. Someday I hope it will be my main source of income.

Learn from me. As early as you can, figure out what you actually want to do. What could your side hustle be? How can you make it into a career? How do you plan to build the life you want?

Because I get to do something I love, I thoroughly enjoy Mondays. My whole outlook on the week has changed. How your Monday goes determines how the rest of your week goes, so why not set a good tone? My Mondays consist of sleeping in until 9, meal prepping, listening to podcasts/music, training, and coaching… all the things I love to do! I’m excited going to bed on a Sunday night, not scared. You shouldn’t be either.

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